Glencoe Gem

Glencoe Gem

These long time Chalet clients downsized to a new home to better fit their needs. The home itself underwent an extensive face lift and the landscape soon followed. The entire property was re-designed to provide a more functional patio space as well as layered color throughout the landscape.

In order to meet the site’s storm water challenges, the new patio and stepper pathways were installed over washed gravel, permeable bases. These permeable bases allow water to slowly filter through the paved surface and into the void space of the gravel below. The gravel not only filters the storm water but also slows it down and allows the ground to soak up more water over the course of a rainfall. Traditional compacted gravel patio bases do not allow water to penetrate and therefore encourage faster runoff, which contributes to on and off site flooding.

Along with the permeable patio base, a French drain system was installed across the back of the property to add yet another way for water to be temporarily restrained and filtered into the ground.

The landscape design consists of strategically placed evergreen hedges to provide privacy where desired and layers of flowering shrubs and perennials. Annual ground plantings and containers flank the front entry and provide a pop of color as you enter the home.

Our skilled landscape management team provides weekly care for the property to ensure it’s always looking its best.