Blooming Gataway

Blooming Gateaway

Before the installation of the new garden, the site was completely leveled - removing any trace of the tennis court and fence that occupied the majority of the rear yard. A concept was developed to create a seasonal paradise, relying on the emergence of perennials, grasses, and annuals at different times of year to create a constantly evolving blend of colors and textures for the homeowner to enjoy.
The new space revolves around a main central axis with a large sitting area with a custom pergola at its center and a small swinging bench at the terminus covered by a matching structure.
The ancillary pathways through the space are differentiated with the use of bluestone chip, highlighting the hierarchy of spaces. Surrounding the paths are a variety of perennials creating bands of color moving through the space. In spring, a river of tulips move you through the space giving way to bright purple Echinacea through the summer and fall.
Another major component of the site is the edible plant material. The homeowner wanted harvestable plants throughout the space and this was accomplished with an orchard of espalier apple trees and a separate vegetable garden. The many fruit trees, shrubs, and groundcover that dot the rest of the garden include plums, cherries, strawberries, and raspberries that tie the space together with fragrance and functionality.
To provide a transition from the new garden to the existing pool area, a fountain and rose garden was installed to create both a focal connection and provide relaxing sounds as a backdrop to the garden.